Our Heart


My husbands name is Earl Enterline and My name is Michelle.

I am the founder and minister of Gospel of Peace Ministries. My husband is a very accomplished musician so he ministers in music and I minister in the word.

Our mission is to prepare the bride for Messiah's return. We do this through prayer, teaching, preaching, laying on of hands, and pastoral counsel. We have a heart for Leaders we provide encouragement, prayer, counsel and personal ministry. We believe leaders are people too.

Our desire is to encourage unity in the body of Messiah

If one part of the body is hurting we are all hurting. HE is coming for a bride without spot or wrinkle and time is running short. May He come quickly even so. I encourage you to continue to Love the Lord You God with all Your heart and all you soul and all you might and to continue in obedience to Him. Cleansing ourselves and abiding in Him continually.

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Michelle's Personal Testimony


I was born an Oklahoma native, raised predominantly by my mother.  My mother had several marriages and I grew up not knowing my biological Father. I grew up in a very emotional house. My mother drank and was angry most of her life. We were close but our relationship was rocky. She loved me and my brother and sister. I felt very unloved though and not wanted.  I was teased at school all the time. Kids would pick fights with me all the time.  I don't remember most of my childhood. I do remembered being terrified of my parents. I remember walking out in the woods  talking to God about my parents and everyone else who I thought was hurting me telling God everything that was in my thoughts. I am sure God got an ear full.


I grew up in the Baptist church and at age 9 received Jesus as my savior. When I was about 12 I started having dreams of me on a platform preaching.  At that time many preacher were falling very publicly.  I did not like those dreams then. I remember telling God if he wanted me to do that I did not want to be like those preachers I saw on TV. I wanted to be real!   Later in my teen years I  attended the Methodist church. My  mother made sure I attend church regularly.

During my Teen and young adult Years I  gradually went about life moving  away from God. I was angry with God for allowing things to happen to me and not stopping them. I thought if He really loved me He would keep me from being hurt.  I have a better understanding of that now! I did not like who I was becoming I was mean and hateful. Not really caring about anyone but myself.--

Shortly after High School I joined the military became a jet engine mechanic and met my first husband in 1985 and we got married a week before my 22 birthday.  By the time I was twenty eight we had two beautiful daughters together.   I was very unhappy during that time and could never find peace.  In 1996 while flipping channels on the TV I landed on a station talking about God and how we needed to make Him Lord of our life not just salvation  by grace through Faith.   But allowing Jesus and His Holy spirit leading us and guiding us and helping us live life. So that night in Aug of 1996 I went outside on my porch knelt down and confessed to God that I made a mess of my life  and I needed Jesus  to be Lord of my life and I want to live my life however Jesus wanted me to live it. The next day I  picked up my old King James bible from when when I was a kid and started to read. For the first time in my life the word of God made since. I would sit for hours and hours everyday reading the bible taking notes on everything I read. I have notebooks lots of them. I was so hungry for Gods word I felt like I was starving I couldn't get enough it was like I was a baby and could get enough of momma's milk.  The sincere milk of the Word.

Within six months my life was totally turn upside down my mother was diagnosed with Cancer and my husband told me he was leaving me. Before I got right with God my marriage was on shaky ground mostly because of me and my hope was my husband would come around but He decided that I was to religious for him and it would never work so he left.

In 1997 I moved me and my girls back to Oklahoma.  My mother passed away in 1999 she gave her life over to the Lord six months before she died.  God restored our relationship before she died. Since being back in Oklahoma God has taken me on a faith walk I can tell stories  that would fill a book and God has taught me many things.

In 2002 God led me to attend a Messianic Jewish Congregation once again my life would forever change. God had me establish the prayer ministry  and a few other ministries within the congregation. I was serving God full-time and was able to teach once in awhile and minister quite a bit. I learned so much during this time.

I raised my girls by myself we have had so many trials and so many victories. I made a lot of mistakes with them. They learned major life lessons. I learned major life lessons we kinda grew up together. God has been faithful through it all. They are still figuring out there walk with God I believe both are saved but are struggling as I did when I was there age. God has reminded me over and over again that he has brought me out of my mess he will finish the work he started in them.

In June of 2010 God told me to call  one of the ladies who had wedding dresses to give away and tell her that "God said "I was getting Married ask her for a dress" well I have done crazier things for God so I did it.  Felt kinda silly since I wasn't dating anyone!  She gave me a beautiful White dress for free. Well in Oct of 2010 I met my Husband Earl Enterline  Actually I had known  this man for more then 10 yrs he was on the worship team and I did sound for a number of Years He was under my nose so to speak.  We got married in 2011 and the testimony for that is another story. We have been Married three years in March of 2014 and in that time we adopted 2 of my grandchildren. We have already been through so much and our marriage is strong because  God is faithful and gracious.

In 1998 God gave me the vision for Gospel of Peace Ministries me and my husband are raising our grand kids and working the ministry who knows what God has in store for us.