Gospel Of Peace Ministries

Preparing The Bride of Messiah for Our Bridegroom's Return

הבשורה של משרדי שלום

Gospel Of Peace Ministries

God's Judgement is mercy painful but full of compassion. The church must

repent of false doctrines and Doctrine of Devils. The church no longer requires

one to depart from sin. Remember God hates sin and loves the sinner. But if

one goes on sinning after knowing the Law of God (The truth)there is no more

sacrifice for sins. The whole point for Messiah coming was to deliver us from

sin, yet the church keeps running to it. Is there one who will stand in the gap?

Is there anyone who will say forgive us for we have sinned? Now Is holiness

and righteousness long gone? The church wants to have revival but yet are not

willing to depart from sin. Nor is she willing to humble herself. There is a

spiritual arrogance in the church and until the church humbles herself, the next

season will be the most difficult for the church. If you think you cannot be

touched by Gods judgment, you may be in for a big surprise. The fear of the

LORD is the beginning of wisdom. If you haven't Got your house in order, I

would advise doing so. Leaders, Ministers Be mindful what you are teaching or

have taught. The great falling away has begun have you led the sheep astray?

Repent now and stop tickling the ears of the people with false prophecies and

false doctrine.


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